Tanger Med 2 – Morocco

tanger For the extension of the new container and ferry port in Tanger a breakwater with concrete caissons has to be built. The huge caissons will be liftet into a basin. The box-shaped basin is installed as bored pile wall with secant piles, tied-back.

East West Highway – Algier

cojaal On the 420 km eastern section of the East-West Highway, an Algerian segment of the future motorway between Morocco and Egypt, Bauer Foundations Spéciales Algeria installed the pile foundations fo all 35 bridges.

El Damer Bridge – Sudan

  To the north of Khartoum, BAUER Napico JV. constructed the foundations for the El Damer bridge over the Nile. The 1,800 mm diameter piles were driven from a pontoon using a BG 30 rig. In the footing area the 32 metre long piles socket into rock.

Kempinski Palace Hotel – Djibouti

  As part of extension work on the Kempinski Palace Hotel around a baths complex, Bauer in Djibouti used two BG 11 units to execute the partially cased pile foundations with 131 bored piles in 1,180 mm diameter down to a depth of 25 metres into the coral.